Huntsville, Alabama


Tara Helms

Nintendo Wii Assists United Cerebral Palsy Therapy Program

Clay Martin and Tara Helms of Martin & Helms, P.C., a local personal injury law firm, presented a Nintendo Wii gaming system to United Cerebral Palsy of Huntsville & Tennessee Valley, Inc.,…

Tara Helms

Women for Justice: Community and Political Outreach

Recently, the Women’s Caucus of ALAJ got together in support of its community outreach project, the Christian Women’s Job Corp (“CWJC”) of Alabama. The Alabama CWJC is a…

Tara Helms

Women for Justice 2008

The year 2008 marks the third year for the Alabama Women’s Caucus of the Alabama Association for Justice. Emily Raley said it well in her role as the first Chair of the Women’s Caucus, that…

Eric Artrip

Insurance Companies Pad Profits

Insurance companies often put profits ahead of their customers.

Clay Martin

Outrageous Spending in Alabama Judicial Races

Partisan elections for Alabama’s highest courts are out of control. The money that has been spent over the past 15 years on Supreme Court races in Alabama is obscene and definitely calls into…

Tedford Taylor

Insurers Cheat Customers, Report Record Profits

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, insurers reported their highest ever profit, $73 billion, up 49 percent from the previous year. With 60 million customers paying more than $50 billiion in premiums per year, homeowners are often surprised to find out that insurers won’t pay the full cost of rebuilding their damaged or destroyed home. The insurance companies routinely refuse to pay market…

Jenny Albano

New Laws About Leaving Children Unattended in Cars

As of now twelve states have laws that specifically prohibit parents or guardians from leaving children alone in cars. Some of the states make it a traffic violation that includes a ticket or fine and other states make the offense a misdemeanor with a possible prison sentence. All states have laws that allow authorities to charge parents with child neglect and endangerment if a child dies…

Jenny Albano

Steam Pipe Explosion in New York City

On Wednesday, a steam pipe burst in Midtown Manhattan, killing one person and wounding around 25 others. During rush hour the pipe burst sending steam and dirt high into the sky. Many New Yorkers thought the explosion was a terrorist attack, but that theory was quickly ruled out.The explosion left a large crater in the ground, and a red truck lay on the bottom. Many people were struck by…

Tedford Taylor

Texas Lawmakers consider immunity for Oil Companies

Texas lawmakers are considering a bill which would shield oil companies from legal claims alleging a fuel additive designed to improve air quality is defective, it has polluted the drinking water in Texas and across the country, and major players in the industry knew it. MTBE is the additive which has been found in drinking water supplies and could cost billiions to clean up. The government…

Tedford Taylor

Autauga County physician awarded $1M in Cemetery Dispute

An Autauga County jury awarded Dr. Gene Parker more than $1 million against a cemetery for fraud and breach of contract. Parker bought an “estate plot” from the cemetery’s former owners which included landscaping, concrete walkways and a large family marker. The current owners redrew the plots, reducing their size so as no not to include space for the aformentioned amenities. Additionally, they…