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Menu Foods Facing $60M Lawsuit over Pet Food Recall

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Pet owners in Canada have filed a second class action lawsuit, against Toronto-area pet food company, Menu Foods, alleging their products made their dogs and cats sick and in some cases killed them.

A $60M class action lawsuit was filed Wednesday in Toronto against Menu Foods. Last week the company issued a pet food recall of 91 different dog and cat foods sold across the United States and Canada.

To date, 14 cat and dog deaths have been confirmed in the United States, due to kidney failure. No deaths have been reported in Canada. This case follows a smiliar one filed Tuesday in Toronto against Royal Canin alleging specfic types of the companys pet foods contain excessive amounts fo Vitamin D and can cause severe illness and even death in pets.

Neither lawsuits have been certified as of yet. None of the claims have been proven in court.

If your dog or cat has become sick or died from eating Menu Foods dog and cat foods, you can contact an attorney near you using the form to the right.