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Illegal Drug Sales and Insurance Fraud

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In a growing investigation into alleged illegal drug sales and insurance fraud, more arrests are to come. Detectives said a local pharmacy sold human growth hormones and steroids. The buyers include some big name professional athletes.

Investigators are working together in Alabama, Florida, New York and Texas. Just one day after the owners of Signature Compounding Pharmacy were arrested, Wednesday, it was open and customers were filling their prescriptions.

Pharmacy owners along with the marketing manger and chief operation officer were all arrested Tuesday and charged with illegal sale and distribution of human growth hormones, steroids and insurance fraud. Federal agents spent all night and day loading boxes, filing cabinets and computer records onto their trucks as evidence to back up allegations.

A New York district attorney heading the case said he expects to have arrested 24 doctors, pharmacists and business owners in what he calls a “nationwide scheme to profit on millions through illegal sales of performance enhancing drugs using the Internet.” The four people arrested so far will face a judge Thursday to determine if they will be sent to New York for trial.

So far, everyone connected to the case has said that the criminal charges are not focusing on the users of these steroids but on the suppliers and the doctors who prescribed them.

On Tuesday, agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration and New York state seized drugs and paperwork at Orlando’s Signature Pharmacy, and high-profile clients tied by various sources to the case quickly rushed to distance themselves from the fallout.