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State Farm Sued for Breach of Insurance and Bad Faith

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A neighbor witnessed Edward Gemmill’s his roof blow away right before the water started to poor through his own home when Hurricane Katrina hit, a structural engineer testified.

The engineer testified on Gemmill’s behalf on the first day of trial in the civil case of Gemmill vs. State Farm Fire and Casualty Company. Gemmill, alleges State Farm refused to honor his homeowner’s policy because the insurance company had decided that water, not wind was the cause of his home being destroyed.

Gemmill is suing State Farm for breach of insurance and bad faith. Sate Farm denies his claim but court records show they did pay him $128,100 on a flood policy. However, the flood policy did not include coverage of the home contents or the outbuilding. Gemmill’s home was valued at $217,813.

State Farm’s attorney told jurors that Gemmill has received all that he is entitled too.